Vicky Kaushal starrer Ashwatthama will roll by April 2021

”Vicky Kaushal starrer Ashwatthama will roll by April 2021”, says director Aditya Dhar

Aditya Dhar is grateful that his magnum opus The Immortal Ashwatthama has remained unaffected due to the pandemic as several filmmakers had to take a back seat and stall the shoots . The three-part modern-day superhero film, which has its roots in the Mahabharata, sees Vicky Kaushal as the mythological character who was given the boon of immortality.

For his portrayal of Ashwatthama — the son of Dronacharya, the actor will have to train in horse-riding and various martial art forms, including krav maga and jujutsu.

Vicky will have to weigh more than 100 kilos,” says the director. Agreeing that the locations play a key role in such a subject, he is rel “We will begin shooting in Europe, primarily the UK, and then head to Iceland. The final schedule will be in Mumbai. The plan may change depending on the COVID-19 crisis in these countries.”

The lockdown has been productive for the director who ensured that every detail was attended to during the pre-production. “We have finalised our HoDs [head of departments] and begun our discussion with the VFX team. Since nobody has attempted such a subject before, we don’t have a reference point. So, the VFX and design teams have to use their imagination and create [the universe] from scratch.” Though Dhar has zeroed in on the leading lady, he refuses to divulge details until the deal is sealed.

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