Travelling in the new normal – Srishty Rode

“Travelling in the new normal was altogether a very different experience” – Srishty Rode

Actress Srishty Rode recently shared some lovely images from her recent travel getaway to Sula Vineyards, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

Making the most of her trip after a 7 month lockdown, Srishty indulged in some family time, me time and enjoyed being out and about and mainly away from the city.

While Sristhy did have a blast after finally getting to travel after such a long gap, she also ensured that safety and hygiene measures were well in place. Speaking about her post lockdown travel experience, Srishty shares,”It was an amazing feeling to step out of the city after so many months! A much required break from Mumbai and my home which I really looked forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed my me time and family time , but at the same time I was extremely cautious about my safety and hygiene. It was quite funny actually, as I had honestly carried more sanitizers than clothes and was ensuring that everything around was sanitized at all times. Wearing a mask when around people was also something I regularly followed. While it was important for me to loosen up and enjoy myself I also prioritized mine the safety of those around me as well. Travelling in the new normal was altogether a very different experience, but again one I managed to enjoy.”

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