Sa La La is all about inclusion and love – Shayan

Sayan Italia a musician and a fitness enthusiast turned entrepreneur dabbles between London and Mumbai. His first offering was piano rendition of the Indian National Anthem and now this versatile talent comes up with a gorgeous music video and a song with talks about inclusion and love without boundaries titled Sa La La. Screengrafia catches up with Shayan to talk about his journey with Sha la la

The video looks gorgeous and expensive, what was your inspiration to come up with Sha La La?

I wrote Sha La La a while back but I always had the idea of creating the video with multiple faces depicting its tongue and cheek lyrics in an exotic manner throughout the song. There is a progression in the visuals that symbolises the different facets of love; from its traditionally acceptable form of man and woman, to how love has transcended to today. It was a good decision to also keep the video in Black and White. It just ignites what is “not there” and “not shown” in one’s imagination.

We have heard your rendition of Jana Gana Mana, also a chunk portion of Sha La La is piano, Do you see yourself more as a singer or a pianist?

I always write the song first. The lyrics and music go hand in hand for me. As the piano is my primary instrument of writing it is where the melody is born of a song of mine. Sha La La actually was composed on a friend’s keyboard (the main melody at least), who left it behind at my place in London at the time, for which I was dabbling with the same. It then evolved to the piano, after which it was arranged for the orchestral version that you know. I consider myself a songwriter first, as being a terrible singer with a great song is far more important than being a great singer with a terrible song. Hopefully I land somewhere in between.

How did you manage to get so many world class musicians under the same roof?

I’ve been recording since my late teens with the world’s best orchestras in the world’s best studios. Project for project I’ve worked with a bunch of musicians and have learnt a lot from them. Some are so talented you can’t learn anything, but accept defeat that even if you practice 12 hours a day for 10 lifetimes you’ll only be 1/100th of them. I’ve also learnt from a very young age, if you’re going to play the field, play the international field as that’s where the bar is at maximum.

The video is fairly explosive and very international, don’t you think it should have been more rooted in India if you are communicating to Indian audiences ?

Sha La La is an English song in its original dialect converted to Hindi. We have just exposed the Hindi version to see how it will be accepted. And it’s doing very well. People are loving it. The International version, when launched, out of COVID-19 will have far more mass appeal of course as the market is infinitely larger across the globe. The lyrics of the English version are also more erotically playful and lock in with the visuals slightly better. It is the one reason why we chose to have International faces across the video…

What was the most difficult scene in the video in terms of execution?

The bathtub scene perhaps, as we placed bricks to support the actor who delivered the scene but when she stepped in, the tub started to leak and we had to get the take very quickly. Luckily she delivered it in one shot with many holding the tub below while she did.

As a country we have dealt with the evil of section 377 but do you really see evil being rooted out of our communities?

I think India is evolving every year, and becoming more progressive as a whole. However there are large communities that have a dated way of thinking and stall the country’s rapid growth and development, many for personal gain too. Time will only tell when progress overturns the naysayers and evolution takes over. To me love is simple. If you love another human being, in whatever form, you should be allowed to love them freely and without boundaries or borders or hindrances. What’s one man’s poison is another man’s food. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. Eventually as history depicts, the dictators fall (they always do) and society thrives. It’s just a matter of time…

By Screengrafia Team

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