Hina Khan lends a hand of support to Gauhar Khan

Hina Khan lends a hand of support to co-mentor Gauhar Khan in the sweetest way possible!

Toofani seniors Hina Khan & Gauhar Khan have built up quite a strong bond and friendship in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Not only do both the girls support each other during tasks and other matters of the house which require their supervision, but have lately also been sharing personal anecdotes and experiences in their lives with each other, making their rapport even stronger.

Recently Gauhar was seen sharing a bad nightmare encounter which had her absolutely freaked out with Hina & Sidharth, stating that she isn’t being able to get good sleep in this house, compared to her season where she had never faced such an issue, to which Hina extended a hand of support calming her down and telling her that the next time she faces something like this she can go over to Hina’s bed and sleep with her in the night.

Both Hina & Gauhar have really been strong girl mentors in the house to the contestants, and are being much appreciated & liked for their conduct and neutral tactics of handling situations, as well as their rising friendship which is being loved by all!

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