Hina Khan is the fan of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks

Hina Khan reveals having being a huge fan of legendary Hollywood actor Tom Hanks films over the years!

The versatile and vivacious Hina Khan has over the years donned many successful hats from being a super actor, to the most desirable fashionista and a prominent global face who is recognized worldover for her talents. While her onscreen persona has always been quite charming, Hina’s offscreen passions and likes are also quite interesting.

‘Films’ have been an integral part of some of Hina’s persuits that she likes indulging in when not working. Recently divulging details of some of her most loved movies and celebrities particularly from Hollywood, Hina was seen talking about her favourites to Bigg Boss 14 housemates Abhinav Shukla and Jaan Sanu who seemed to share similar interests on the same topic.

From prominent personalities like Arnold Shwarzenegger and Tom Hanks to popular films like Castaway, Sully, Captain Phillips and more, Hina had quite a long favourite list to share with the two boys. While discussing certain film plots got Hina emotional and excited, what particularly stood out for her was her admiration and liking for Hollywood actor Tom Hanks!

Hina claimed that she has over the years been a huge Tom Hanks fan and has always loved his work! She even admitted to having watched all his films till date, and knew of all the characters he has donned on screen. Looking up to the legendary actor as quite an inspiration, Hina didn’t shy away from praising him to fullest!

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